Malaysian Businessman Founded Company Called Meta Three Years Before FB Rebrand With Same Logo

A Malaysian entrepreneur founded a company called Meta three years before the Facebook rebrand and he even had a logo that looks remarkably similar to the Silicon Valley giant’s new one.

He also said that he is not bothered because he has “a trademark”.

The Malaysian entrepreneur is reportedly considering changing his company name and logo after Facebook’s change to Meta saw almost identical branding to his three-year-old business.

The name and logo of the entrepreneur Anthony Cheng’s company, Meta Group, allegedly founded three years ago, has a striking resemblance to Facebook’s new rebranded name and logo. (@dato_anthony/Newsflash)

Anthony Cheng was left stumped after Facebook’s announcement on 29th October, and took to social media to highlight the apparent similarities to his business Metagroup, offering a range of geomancy classes and services.

Adding that he formed his company three years ago, the Malaysian entrepreneur said that his logo, featuring a similar ‘infinity’ symbol to Facebook’s new Meta branding, represents yin and yang while the five colours symbolise the five elements.

He also said that his use of Meta is in reference to the origin of life and the inspirational force behind successful businesses. He also added mysteriously: “Fortunately I have Trademark…”

Facebook’s new rebranded name and logo. (Newsflash)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the rebranding of his social media platform to Meta is a reflection of the more immersive ‘metaverse’, the next expected iteration of the internet, he hopes to help create.

Despite obtaining a trademark for his branding in Malaysia, Cheng is considering renaming his company to avoid confusion with the American internet giant, and even took to social media to ask his followers for their opinion, according to local reports.

Aware of the potential implications involved in altering his successful brand, Cheng added: “To change one’s name is to change one’s destiny.”

The post where Anthony Cheng asks the opinion of his followers about changing the name of his company, Meta Group, which has a striking resemblance to Facebook’s new rebranded name and logo. (

It is currently unclear if he plans to start any legal action against the Silicon Valley giant.