Luxury Bash For Wealthy Influencer Baby’s 1st Birthday

These images show the luxury birthday bash that has been thrown for a wealthy influencer’s baby by her loving parents for her first birthday.

Over 500 invitations were sent out to guests for the fancy dress birthday party to celebrate little Lua Di Felice’s first birthday, which is said to have cost over BRL 10 million (GDP 1.5 million), according to local media reports.

Over 600,000 balloons were used, according to reports.

The tot has charmed millions of global fans thanks to her influencer mum Viih Tube’s posts showing her luxurious life.

And it seems that no expense was spared for the big day, with photos showing children and guests in full fancy dress.

Viih Tube and Eliezer have been preparing the birthday party for well over a month.

It was reportedly held at a luxury resort in Atibaia, in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, where Lua’s loving parents had booked out over 100 rooms for their guests.

Picture shows baby Lua with parents, undated. She turns 1. (@viihtube/Newsflash)

The party is said to have lasted a number of days, with the theme for the first day being “Alice in Wonderland Tea”. On the second day, the theme was “Enchanted Forest of the Moon”, where the children reportedly wore their favourite animal costumes.

And on the final day of celebrations, the theme was “Breakfast with the Princesses”.

Previously dad Eliezer revealed that the family is plagued by vicious critics who even mock the way baby Lua looks.

And he told how he will no longer tolerate online attacks on Lua and has begun suing hundreds of trolls.

Eliezer previously told local media: “I sue everyone. Nowadays, I’m the process guy.

“At the end of last year, when attacks on Lua intensified, there were 220 profiles at once.”

Picture shows baby Lua with parents, undated. She turns 1. (@viihtube/Newsflash)

He added: ” As it was affecting me a lot, I was very fragile, I didn’t want to know.”

And he told the family lawyers: “Go sue everyone who insults my daughter, just send me the bill, and I’ll pay it.”

Eliezer explained: “If you ask how many I processed, I don’t know anymore. I moved away from that to preserve my emotions.”

Eliezer said he has been forced to stop reading all the comments on social media because it is too distressing.

He added: “I was letting it get in the way of my relationship with my family. I was very sad. Just crying.”

Eliezer also said that his wife and Lua’s mum Viih Tube is better at coping with the abuse than him.

Picture shows baby Lua with parents, undated. She turns 1. (@viihtube/Newsflash)

He said: “Viih has been at this for a long time, so she is more used to it than I am.

“She’s the one who gives me strength when things get tough.

“One of the worst times was with the attacks on Lua’s weight. That was ugly.

“She was the one who gave me strength and held me back. We have this exchange, one is the foundation of the other.”

Previously, it was reported that Lua is set to move into her new home in Greater Sao Paulo, Brazil, with her mum and dad, after a year-long building project.

Lua has 2.7 million followers on her Instagram profile and is catching up fast with Dad Eliezer’s 4.3 million.

Mum Viih Tube still heads the family with more than 33 million followers.