Lost Dog That Is Blind Reunited With Owner By Cops

Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Central European News

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Credit: CEN

A dog that is blind has been reunited with its owner after it got lost during the storms that recently battered parts of Italy.

The wet and hungry dog was found in the area of Garbatella in the western Italian capital Rome.

According to reports, at least 30 people have been killed in the week-long storms that hit Italy and caused flash floods. The regions of Veneto, Liguria and Sicily were reportedly the worst-hit.

A blind dog went missing during the bad weather, but has luckily been found thanks to a Facebook campaign started by cops.

Police officers found the visually-impaired pooch wandering the streets in rain and managed to gain its trust.

They took the dog to the police station where they cared for it and gave it food before informing the relevant services.

While waiting for the vets to take the dog away, cops tried to identify its owner online.

Thanks to the Facebook campaign, they managed to find its owner and following treatment the pooch has been returned to him.

Netizen ‘Ivan Cardarellil’ commented: “Great story. Congratulations!”

‘Faty Garcia’ added: “Excellent, it always makes me very happy when an animal is reunited with its family. The police did a good job.”

Angjela Trajkovska

I am a journalist and subeditor working for Central European News.

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