Fish Called Nemo Found In Pothole Seeks Family

Story By: Anastasia Tsougka, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:Central European News


A fireman has launched his own ‘Finding Nemo’ search for the owners of a goldfish rescued from floodwaters.

The firefighter, known only as Nicholas, even created a Facebook page to try to reunite the pet with his family, and named it Moses because like the Biblical character it was also rescued from a flood.

He found the tiny creature while clearing up after recent floods in the Herault department of Southern France and set about his heartwarming mission.

Having transferred Moses to clean water, Nicholas originally took it home as a gift to his girlfriend but she suggested he try to find the original owner who may be worried about losing their pet.

Since then he has publicised his appeal in the local media and created the Facebook page ‘Moise sauve des eaux’ – Moses Saved from the Waters.

In it he wrote: “My name is Moses. I’m a little goldfish. My story is crazy! Like Nemo, my cousin the clownfish.

“I was quietly idling in my aquarium when suddenly, in the middle of the night, a wave flooded my habitat and the wonderful family that took care of me.”

He added: “I got swept away by the current. The current was too strong for my little fins. I ended up in a pothole on the road, fortunately filled with water but without food.

“I miss the little family I was watching over. I’d like to see them again.

“Unfortunately, I don’t remember who they are… but my host tells me that with the help of social networks, we can always try to find them. They must feel lost without me.

“Also, I appeal to your generosity, please share this group and invite all your friends so that together we will find my loved ones. I’m counting on you.”