KITCHEN FRIDGE: Man Finds Ice Rink At Home After Pipe Broke And Water Froze

This is the moment a man finds his kitchen looking like an ice rink after a water pipe burst and the water froze.

The man, identified as Mr Wang was shocked when he came back to his home in the city of Zhoukou, Henan Province, China, and found the frozen sight.

In the footage, a man can be seen holding a shovel and trying to break into the ice, which has frozen the floor and even parts of the kitchen.

The ice on the floor, which looks like an ice skating rink, is so deep that a bucket can be seen frozen to half of its height.

Mr Wang told local media that he spent only one night away from his home, and was shocked when he came back the next day and found the kitchen completely frozen along with the water pipes.

Man returns home to find his kitchen frozen after water pipe burst in Zhoukou, Henan in China. It took a total of half a day to clean it up, and they used an electric drill. (chxsh1314/AsiaWire)

He said they spend half a day cleaning the ice and had to use an electric drill.

When he saw the scene, he said he was surprised and had a headache, but he was happy that they managed to clean it by removing the chunks before it melted.

Netizens commented after the video was posted on Douyin, which is what TikTok is called in China, with one who goes under the handle ‘cousin’ saying: “The ice won’t melt until summer.”

It is unknown what the temperature was on the night of the incident.