Joker Fan Goes Viral For Dancing Exactly Like Character

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Video Credit: CEN/monophotographymx-Jonathan Manson

This Joker fan has gone viral after dressing up as the character and dancing like Joaquin Phoenix in the film.

The fan, Jonathan Manson Alvarez Lopez, was recorded by Mono Photography Mexico dancing on the stairs of the Marco Plaza in the city centre of Monterrey, in the north-eastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon while dressed up as the Joker.

In the video, Lopez dances to Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter. Lopez can be seen dressed up as Phoenix’s Joker in a red suit, green shirt and yellow waistcoat as he dances on the stairs.

Picture Credit: CEN/Jonathan Manson

Rock and Roll part 2 plays in the movie when Arthur Fleck becomes the Joker for the first time and dances down some steps and in the process confirms that he is now mad as he becomes the classic comic book villain.

Reports state the original Lopez video, which was taken off social media presumably because of its association with the music of Gary Glitter, received over 1 million views before it was removed.

But according to the rights holders Snapper Music and Universal Music Publishing Group, Glitter will not earn any money from the use of the images as he was imprisoned for downloading child pornography in 1999, and child sexual abuse and attempted rape in 2006 and 2015

Picture Credit: CEN/Jonathan Manson

Netizens loved the video such as ‘Nina Acevedo’ who said: “I loved the fact that the lights turned on at the perfect moment, excellent work.”

‘Ulysses von Frieden’ commented: “Everything good, location, suit, makeup, only one thing is fake, the dancing classes, but nice try”.

The video owner said that “it was a sudden video, we went there to take some pictures and we recorded it before leaving because of the rain”.

Another user commented: “The Joker moved to Monterrey”.

Joker, directed by Todd Phillips and starring Phoenix, was recently released in worldwide cinemas and is based on DC Comics characters.

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