Spectator Hits Reality Stunner For Dancing In Front Of Stage

Story By: Anastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News3

Video Credit: CEN/@mmmargaaret

This is the moment a stunning Russian reality star has her head smashed against the stage by a heavyset woman furious that she was dancing right in front of the hunky performer.

According to local media, 23-year-old singer and reality star Margo Ovsyannikova had just finished her music set at a private event in the city of Serpukhov near the western Russian capital Moscow.

The gorgeous blonde, who found fame on the popular reality show ‘Dom 2’ (‘House 2’), went backstage after her set and singer Jerry (Evgeniy Zykov) took to the stage.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@mmmargaaret

Ovsyannikova thought that she would watch the young pop star, and she returned to the hall where she started dancing in front of the stage and filming herself with Jerry in the background.

However, a tough-looking woman thundered over and grabbed her head and started banging it on the stage.

In the footage, Ovsyannikova is heard screaming as security guards rush over to pull the heavyset spectator away.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@mmmargaaret

Meanwhile, the miming singer is seen jumping off the stage in fear as the backing tape continues to play.

Ovsyannikova joked after the incident: “It turns out that the audience was not asleep during the show and someone managed to capture the incident.

“Jerry, I will keep this memory of your song for a long time.”

According to local media, Ovsyannikova even went to a hospital after the incident and plans to sue the attacker.

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