Jealous Man Kills Estranged Wife, Then Self, Over Her New Relationship

A loser husband who lived off his wife’s money and refused to accept it when she told him she had found someone else shot her dead in front of their teenage daughter and then killed himself with the same gun a short while later.

Friends of the beautiful and hard-working victim Klodiana Vefa said her estranged husband had sponged off her for years and, even after she dumped him, had continued living in the same house because he did not have anywhere else to go.

But when he found out that she had found a new man and planned to move with her new love and children into a bigger house, he shot her dead in front of their daughter and then later killed himself.

She died after she was hit three times in the attack close to her home in Castelfiorentino, in central-northern Italy, on the night of 28th September.

The 35-year-old waitress was reportedly leaving work when her soon-to-be ex-husband, Alfred Vefa, confronted her on the street over her new relationship.

As soon as they met, the two reportedly began arguing and 44-year-old Vefa then pulled out a firearm and shot her dead.

The couple had been separated for several months after Klodiana decided to call it quits due to constant arguments.

They had two children together, a 17-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter.

The children told investigators they were aware that their mum had been spending time with an unnamed 52-year-old man but only knew him as her friend.

When Vefa learned about the ‘friend’ and his relationship with his wife, he apparently could not stand the thought of her moving on with another man. Their daughter, who was not named, witnessed him confronting Klodiana on the night of the murder.

By the time police and paramedics could arrive, Klodiana was already dead, and her killer had fled the scene.

Police launched an immediate search for him but found him two days later after he took his own life as well.

Investigators believe Vefa committed suicide with the same weapon he used to kill his wife.

Their children, both not named, told police their parents fought almost daily but still lived in the same house because of their father’s “financial problems.”

The daughter said: “However, she told us that soon she would buy a very large house where we would go to live with her.”

Klodiana was described by her friends as a very hard worker who always had a smile on her face.

They claimed she always seemed cheerful despite almost everyone knowing her marriage made things hard on her.

An unnamed girlfriend of Klodiana said: “A couple of years ago, she finally managed to separate from her husband, a no-good man. A violent man. We all knew. She was courageous.

“He subjected her to severe psychological violence. She was always cheerful and smiling, but would completely change when she was with him. That man was truly frightening.

“But she never reported him; she always tried to handle it on her own.

“She endured for a long time.”

The friend added: “I don’t know why she agreed to meet him and talk. She should have never done that…”