100 Isolated After New COVID Outbreak In Malaga

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Newsflash


One hundred people have been placed into isolation in the Spanish tourist hotspot of Malaga after at least nine new coronavirus cases were detected in an outbreak in a Red Cross centre.

The outbreak was detected in the Malaga Red Cross Reception, Emergency and Referral Centre located in the city of Malaga in the Spanish southern autonomous community of Andalusia where a reported 100 people have now been placed into isolation.

According to the Malaga Helth and Family Council, one person tested positive for coronavirus at the Red Cross centre on Sunday, with a second case on Monday and seven more yesterday (Tuesday).

Reports said that 100 people were sent into quarantine as they are believed to have been in contact with those who tested positive.


The 100 people in isolation will reportedly be tested in the following days to find out if they have caught the virus while all the staff members and the residents in the centre have already been tested for the disease.

The results of the tests will reportedly be delivered in the following days.

None of the nine people infected needed to be transferred to a hospital, local media reports.

Reports state that local authorities have described the outbreak as an isolated case and added that they are prepared to tackle any new cases.