Influencer Arrested For Showing Her Bottom In Clip Shot In Front Of St Petersburg Cathedral

This influencer has been arrested for showing her bottom in footage shot in front of the Saint Petersburg Cathedral.

The incident took place in front of St Isaac’s Cathedral, which is a significant landmark in Russia’s cultural capital and second-largest city Saint Petersburg, in the north-western part of the country, on the Baltic Sea.

The photograph was reportedly taken in the summer but it has only just caught the attention of the authorities, who have arrested the influencer, named by local media outlet Life as Ira Volkova, who reportedly hails from the Muslim-majority nation of Tajikistan.

Influencer arrested for flashing bottom outside a cathedral in Moscow, Russia. (Newsflash)

Her arrest comes after another blogger was punished by the authorities for mimicking giving her boyfriend oral sex in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in the centre of the capital Moscow in images that were deemed “disgraceful”.

Life reports that Volkova’s Instagram account has been shut down after it was flooded with hate messages. It also reportedly contained other nude images.

Saint Petersburg police spokesperson Vyacheslav Stepchenko confirmed her arrest. However, it is not clear on which date the arrest took place.

Influencer arrested for flashing bottom outside a cathedral in Moscow, Russia. (Newsflash)

It is currently unclear if the influencer has been charged, but she could face up to one year in prison or a hefty fine, according to Life.

St Isaac’s Cathedral was named after Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, who is a patron saint of Peter the Great, the Russian ruler who founded Saint Petersburg. The city was the capital of Russia until the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.