IN TOO DEEP: Hero Cop Who Can’t Swim Jumps Into Pond To Save Drowning Baby

This is the incredible moment a Florida officer who cannot swim heroically jumps into a deep pond to reach a drowning infant before performing CPR to save its life.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO), along with a statement that said: “Police Officers across this country report to work each and every day to protect and serve their communities.

“They show up each day knowing they will be faced with unimaginable challenges and dangers; yet they do not know what those challenges or dangers will be or how they will present themselves.”

One of those officers, the brave Me’Atia Sanderson, was reportedly patrolling the streets of Jacksonville, in the US state of Florida, when she received a call about a baby drowning in a pond.

Though the incident took place on 9th June in Jacksonville, Florida, US, JSO released the footage on 22nd November as part of its Week of Thanks.

Officer performs CPR on the infant after he jumps into a deep pond to reach the drowning infant in Jacksonville, Florida, USA on Thursday,June, 9, 2022. The officer who saved the baby allegedly didn’t know how to swim. (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

Body-worn footage shows officer Sanderson arriving on scene and immediately rushing into the water to save the infant, despite now knowing how to swim.

She pulls the baby out without even stopping to hesitate and begins giving it CRP.

She keeps up the life-saving efforts until two colleagues come to take over right before the footage cuts.

“As we continue our #weekofthanks, we at the #JSO are thankful that we have officers like Ofc. Sanderson, who day in and day out, take on the challenges and dangers of this job,” the JSO said.

“Her actions, while putting her own life at risk, undoubtedly saved the child’s life,” the JSO added.