LITTLE SHEPARD: Clever Pup Pushes Toddler Away From Dad’s Departing Car

This is the touching moment a mindful dog carefully pushes a little boy away from his dad’s departing car in southern China.

The adorable scene was recorded in the yard of a family residence in the province of Hunan on the morning of 26th November.

CCTV footage shows the dog coming outside to send off its owner, who was not named, as he takes off to run some errands.

And out comes following the owner’s little son, who seems to be just a little over one year old.

As soon as the owner gets inside and starts up the car, the clever pooch pushes the little master out of the way.

The dog kept tabs on the little boy while waiting for the car to drive off, then headed back inside together.

Dog pushes the child away from the car when father starts it in Hunan, China, Saturday, Nov. 26, 2022. The boy was about to come closer to the vehicle when he was prevented by the animal. (580266180/AsiaWire)

The video was later shared on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, and netizens were very moved by the thoughtful puppy’s actions.

User ‘fly across *sky’ said: “A dog with a high IQ is hard to come by. Winter is coming, lucky owner please protect it.”

Another user, ‘Shishi Yongsheng Flower Gardening’ jokingly wrote: “This dog is indeed more reliable than Dad.”

And user ‘Time’s entrustment’ added: “It’s a guardian angel of the house.”