Man Dragged From Bed And Eaten Alive By Pack Of Hyenas

Story By: Les Steed, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A man has been dragged from his home and eaten alive by a pack of six hyenas that left only his legs, arms and head behind.

Mr Tendai Maseka, 46, was devoured by the predators in the village of Banure in Holy Cross Mission in central Zimbabwe after they entered his hut, pushed his bedroom door open, and dragged him out kicking and screaming at around 11pm on 16th November.

Mr Maseka was living alone and had just returned from a night of drinking at the Holy Cross business centre with his pals.

Illustrative image for group of hyenas, after horror happened in Zimbabwe where 46-year-old Tendai Maseka was killed and eaten by pack of hyenas which dragged him from his bedroom. Note: Picture is a screenshot from a video(Newsflash). (Newsflash)

Investigating police and officials from the Zimbabwe National Parks Authority (Zimparks) discovered signs of a struggle in the victim’s bedroom suggesting he tried to fight off the hyenas.

Mr Vafias Hlabati, coordinator for Chirumanzu District Development, said: “There was blood all over the bedroom meaning the hyenas attacked him while he was in his bedroom and later dragged him outside and devoured him.”

He added that the victim’s cries went unheard as the other huts are positioned far apart.

Zimparks spokesman Tinashe Farawo said that the hyenas had been roaming the area and have killed six cattle and several goats prior to the attack Mr Maseka.

Rangers have now been deployed to the area to track and kill the hyena pack.

Farawo said: “A villager found Mr Maseka’s remains on Tuesday morning before alerting other members of the community and Zimparks rangers. The spoor (track or scent) of the pack was detected at the scene.”

He advised the public to “stay alert as these hyenas are now invading homes and attacking people.”

While hyena attacks on humans are very rare, they are known to be nocturnal pack hunters.

Mr Maseka’s remains have since been buried as the local authorities look to destroy the dangerous hyena pack.