Hot Weather Girl Meets Fan With Tattoo Of Her On Abs

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@adriaan9_

This is the moment Argentina’s sexiest weather girl Sol Perez thanks a fan who had a tattoo of the blonde bombshell inked onto his abdomen.

Argentine superfan ‘Adrian’, who only has 1,400 followers on Instagram, scored an online hit when 28,000 people viewed a video of him showing off his new tattoo.

Perez heard about the incident and got in touch with the besotted fan, one of her four million Instagram followers.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@adriaan9_ & CEN/@lasobrideperez

She then appeared in a video posted on Adrian’s social media account, seen by 31,000 people, where she thanked him for the honour.

Adrian called her “the hottest woman in Argentina.”

The tattoo shows Perez wearing a bikini with her arms raised behind her head and her toned bum pointed at the camera – her trademark Instagram pose.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/@lasobrideperez

Meanwhile, the sexy weather girl recently shared a viral video of her twerking on the lawn in skimpy swimwear alongside a hot blonde pal.

The 25-year-old accompanied the clip – which has some retro videotape-like effects – with the message: “Learning from the number one!”

The curvy weather girl, who recently appeared in a theatre show called ‘Nuevamente Juntos’ (‘Recently Together’), was filmed alongside co-star Solange Baez.

In the footage viewed by over 2 million people, Perez is seen wearing a black swimsuit as she gyrates on the lawn alongside Baez in a silver top.

The blonde stunners work through a choreographed routine that at one point sees them swinging and shaking their pert behinds at the camera.

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