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Gorgeous Influencer Couple Sells Up To Live In Forest

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This gorgeous couple of online influencers has given up their city life to build their dream home in a Russian forest.

Ekaterina Smolla, 34, is a beautiful Russian blogger with over 50,000 followers in social media who is married to hunky influencer Daniil.

The good-looking couple recently decided to give up the trappings of city life to build a dream home in the woods outside the city of Yekaterinburg in the south-western Russian region of Sverdlovsk Oblast.


Ekaterina told local media: “I have always dreamed of living in nature since before I could talk.

“When I was a child, my parents always brought me here on weekends and I loved it so much. It left a mark on me and I always knew I’d end up living here.”

According to reports, Ekaterina and Daniil sold their apartment and car and took out a bank loan to fund their dream project.


They bought a plot of land next to the pine forest and started building the property in 2017. They moved in on 28th December 2019.

Ekaterina said: “At first, I was scared that someone would enter our home from the forest. Despite the CCTV cameras, I still can’t sleep soundly at night.”

The couple, who continues to make money through their online photography and video projects, already has two horses living on the property with plans to welcome more animals soon.


Ekaterina added: “I am very happy to have met Daniil. If I didn’t, I would still be living a boring life in the city and my wish would never have come true. Everything is possible when there’s love and support.”

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