Hospital Waste Found Abandoned And Burnt Amid COVID-19

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The Mexican authorities are investigating after this hospital waste with biological risk warnings which included placentas was found abandoned and burnt amid COVID-19.

Members of the Federal Prosecution for Environmental Protection were told about the presence of hospital waste which had been abandoned and burnt in an area known as Las Cebadillas in the municipality of Nicolas Romero, in the central Mexican state of Mexico.

Agents found the burning waste complete with red bags with the biological risk symbol on while with surgeon’s outfits, bloodied muslins and catheters were found nearby.


Prosecutors determined that the waste was from nearby hospitals and placentas, glass containers, blades, and laboratory test tubes were also found.

A press statement from the prosecution said: “Infectious non-anatomic biological waste was found, among them strains and cultures that were 98 percent burnt. In the second area, another amount of dangerous biological infections and non-anatomic waste (blood, blades, and cultures) was found 70 percent burnt.”

The investigating agents were recommended to cordon off the area and find a company to transport the dangerous biological waste to a treatment centre to ensure the health of local residents.


The prosecution will investigate the case in order to find those responsible.

The investigation is ongoing and so far no arrests have been made.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Mexico has registered 11,633 cases with COVID-19 and 1,069 deaths.

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Ana Lacasa

I am a senior writer and journalist and editor of the Spanish desk for the Central European News agency.