HONEYMOON NIGHTMARE: Newlywed Wife Of Protester Shot Dead In Iran Attends Funeral Of Husband In Bridal Dress

This video shows the moment a woman turns up in her bridal gown at the funeral of her fiance who was shot dead during the protests in Iran.

Seven people died and 10 were injured in what Iranian officials described as a “terrorist attack” during protests in the south-western Iranian city of Izeh.

The official government news agency IRNA claimed that Islamic State (IS) had claimed responsibility for the attack in Izeh, but later removed it after the BBC monitoring service said IS sources had said this was not true.

The official version of events was also rejected by activists and relatives of those killed, who said it occurred during protests against the death of Mahsa Amini after she was arrested for improperly wearing the hijab.

Ali Molayi poses in an undated photo. Ali Molayi’s wife attended his funeral wearing a white wedding dress in Izeh, Iran. (CEN)

A 9-year-old boy, identified as Kian Pirfalak, was among those killed, and another victim was Ali Molayi who had married only days before he was killed.

His new wife can be seen here in her white dress which stands out surrounded by hundreds of other women wearing black hijab’s.

The people at the funeral of Ali Molayi in Izeh, Iran, undated video. Ali Molayi’s wife attended the funeral wearing a white wedding dress. (CEN)

The young woman’s name was not given but she can be seen surrounded by other women who hold their hands to their chests as a sign of respect and join in prayers for the dead young man.