HAM BUSH: Wild Boar Storms Into Teachers College

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

Terrified staff at a trainee teachers’ college got a shock when a wild boar burst in and rampaged around their campus.

Screaming office workers fought off the young pig with chairs and books as it leapt around a college business centre smashing computers.

CCTV footage of the baffling invasion – from Huanggang, Hubei Province, eastern China – shows three people working at computers when the boar barges in.

Wild boar runs into campus business hall in Huanggang, China. (53767757/AsiaWire)

As one woman jumps on a chair, another tries to shoo away the rampant pig with a book as it tries to jump onto a desk.

The pig only flees when a male staff member drives it away with a chair.

One student witness – named locally only as Wang – said the invader seemed to be a young wild boar.

Wild boar runs into campus business hall in Huanggang, China. (53767757/AsiaWire)

He said: “There was a river near the school that it probably swam over, and then it ran around and rushed into the business hall.”

Wang said that the wild boar finally swam back, adding: “Some tables and computers in the business hall were damaged, but fortunately no one was injured.”

It is reported that with the improvement of the local environment and the absence of natural enemies, wild boars in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River have been breeding, with the population increasing rapidly.

Wild boar runs into campus business hall in Huanggang, China. (53767757/AsiaWire)

Since the end of last year, many places in Anhui Province have been plagued by wild boars.

The local area has also been forced to set up hunting teams, and after reducing numbers, they will focus on ways of keeping them down more humanely.

According to the data, there are seven species of wild boars in China, namely Northeast wild boar, North China wild boar, South China wild boar, and dwarf wild boar.