HAIR FRYER: Dryer Bursts Into Flames as Mum Styles Sons Hair

This is the hair-raising moment a hairdryer bursts into flames in the hands of a mum as she dries her young son’s hair.

The incident happened in Shanwei, which is a prefecture-level city in China’s southern Guangdong province.

The images – captured on the home CCTV camera – show the father lying down, relaxing in front of the television while the mother dries the child’s hair.

Woman throws hairdryer when it starts to cast electric sparks while blowing child’s hair in Shanwei, China, on 20th March 2022. (379624716/AsiaWire)

The hairdryer is plugged into a power supply in the middle of the living room, but it suddenly starts to spark and then bursts into flames.

The shocked woman then flings the hairdryer across the floor, causing the man to sit up in a panic as the device clatters to one side.

The man then quickly defuses the situation by unplugging the device, putting out the fire.

Woman blows child’s hair with hairdryer in Shanwei, China, on 20th March 2022. (379624716/AsiaWire)

The woman told local media that she did not have wet hands while using the dryer – and that, fortunately, her son was not hurt.

Online commentators noted that it was lucky that the woman was looking at the dryer as she used it, rather than holding it above her head – and also that it was not in the damp bathroom, where it could have caused electrocution if dropped on the floor.