GREAT ESCAPE: Man Was Shot, Crashed, Hit By Train, And Fled Inferno, All In The Same Few Minutes

A motorist had an incredible escape after he was shot, lost control of his car, crashed into a train, and climbed out before the car burst into flames.

The miraculous escape took place in Houston, Texas, USA on 18th January.

Houston Police said the unnamed man was shot and then lost control of his car.

He then traversed a ditch and hit a train but incredibly survived.

Despite the shock, he managed to climb out of his mangled vehicle before it went up in flames.

A snap from the scene shows the burnt-out car partially wedged underneath a bulky wagon.

A passing driver saw the carnage, put the man in his car, and drove him a safe distance away before calling emergency services.

He was then taken to hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Lieutenant Larry Crowson of the Houston Police Department said he is expected to survive.

Houston Police did not reveal if the man was shot while he was driving or if he got behind the wheel after being shot.

It was not clear at the time of writing whether any arrests had been made.

The motive for the crime remains unclear.

Houston Police said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Southeast officers are working related scenes 9700 Mykawa and 6800 Telean. Initial information is an adult male who was shot lost control of his car and struck a train. The car then burst into flames. The male who was shot escaped the car and was taken to 6800 Telean. 202

“The male was then transported to the hospital and is in surgery.”