Grass Grows On Cars As Wuhan Lockdowns Nears 2 Months

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This trending footage shows grass growing on cars in the virus-hit city of Wuhan which has been on lockdown for nearly two months since January.

A hashtag reading ‘Wuhan residents find grass growing on cars’ has been viewed 440 million times on Chinese social media and microblogging platform Weibo.

In footage taken on 13th March, a car owner can be seen walking up to her parked Nissan saloon which has grass growing from the cranny between her rear windscreen and boot lid.

AsiaWire / Mr Cai

The vehicle has not been allowed on the road during the stringent travel restrictions in the city, and warmer spring temperatures are believed to have caused the growth.

Another clip shows a BMW owner in Wuhan also finding both his cars covered in tall weeds and grass, having not been driven for nearly 60 days.

The capital city of China’s central Hubei Province is home to 11 million people who have been on lockdown since 23rd January due to the coronavirus outbreak.

By 24th January, some 60 million people in more than a dozen cities in Hubei were banned from leaving their homes, and the province remains the region with the world’s highest COVID-19 death toll at 3,099.

In contrast, China’s second worst-hit province is neighbouring Henan with 22 reported deaths.

Despite a slow-down in the spread of the coronavirus in mainland China, Hubei remains on lockdown, with schools and businesses shut even as other parts of the country restart.

However, residents are allowed to leave their homes with approval.

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