Girl Boasts About Leaving Wuhan While Ill For Paris Trip

Story ByMichael Leidig,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report 

A young Chinese woman from Wuhan – which is the centre of the coronavirus outbreak – has caused outrage after boasting online about how she was enjoying her time in France after lying about the fact that she had a fever so she could fly.

China revealed earlier in the week that they had put severe restrictions on people travelling from Wuhan which is the epicentre of the outbreak of a mysterious viral pneumonia which has claimed several lives.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

But the woman surnamed Yan feared she would not be allowed to travel because she had flu-like symptoms so she took medicine to disguise the fact that she was unwell, and was then able to take the flight to Paris before making her way to Lyon.

Not only did she risk infecting other patients on the flight and indeed risk spreading the disease if indeed she turned out to be a carrier, but she also then took two WeChat to boast about the stunt.

She accompanied the posting with pictures of herself enjoying a holiday in France. The young woman said that she had used antipyretic drugs (fever medicine) to keep her temperature down.

Officials had temperature scanners in operation at the time she was flying, refusing to allow anybody with signs of a fever from boarding the flight.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The young woman said she was determined to meet up with her girlfriends and had no intention of allowing the rules to stop her.

One of the pictures reportedly shows her in a Michelin starred restaurant.

She wrote: “I did it, finally I get to eat good food here. Feels like I’ve been starving for two days. This city is full of good food, of course I must eat Michelin-starred cuisine. Before I left home (Wuhan) I had a fever and cough so I was afraid that I couldn’t get on the flight. I quickly ate medicine and kept taking my temperature until I managed to make it past immigration.”

She also reportedly enjoyed tea and pastries at an EXKi Chaussee d’Antin coffee shop.

Many people in China were shocked at the woman’s behaviour considering that she could have the Wuhan virus and questioned whether it had infected her powers of reasoning.

The Chinese embassy in France have since been quoted in local French media as saying: “We phoned her last night (22nd January). We asked her to quickly call the emergency services, because that is what the French authorities recommend.”

The embassy told French media it would remain in touch with the woman and update them on any developments.

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