Gorgeous German Singer Thought She Was Going To Be Slaughtered During First Nose Op

A big-bummed singer from Germany has revealed that she feared her face was butchered after hiring a cheap cosmetic surgeon for her first nose job.

German singer Katja Krasavice, 26, poses in undated photo. She broke her kitchen island while sitting on it during a test photo. (@katjakrasavice/Newsflash)

Katrin Vogelova, 26, also known as Katja Krasavice, confessed to fans in a podcast named ‘Queen of Bit*hes’ that she spent a small fortune on nose surgeries after being bullied at school.

Explaining more about the gravity of her nose complex, Krasavice said: “Nobody was allowed to look at me from the side.

“My everyday life was fu*ked. My everyday life revolved around me thinking that everyone was always looking at my nose.”

The gorgeous blonde then told her fans how she held her hand in front of her nose in almost every photo, because she was ashamed of its shape.

She also revealed that she had filmed her first YouTube podcasts from the front, so that viewers could not see her profile.

The Czech-born stunner said: “It was exhausting, I wasn’t allowed to move my head.”

Dissatisfied with her looks and wanting to put an end to the abuse, the stunning singer decided one day that she wants to change her appearance at the age of 18.

German singer Katja Krasavice, 26, poses in test photo, undated. She broke her kitchen island while sitting on it after the photo was taken. (@katjakrasavice/Newsflash)

She said: “That was the most important thing in my life for me.”

As she did not have too much money in her bank account at the time, she decided to go for a cheaper plastic surgeon in Czechia.

But she was shocked after the doctor inserted several sticks into her nostrils to sedate her, and added: “I cried so much, it hurt so bad, I thought I was going to be slaughtered!”

She then revealed that some years later she underwent other surgeries to repair the damages from the first one.

Krasavice, known for her sexy photoshoots and provocative media appearances made headlines when she released a raunchy music video that features brightly-dyed rabbits for her single ‘OnlyFans’.

But after PETA representatives accused her of animal cruelty, her team deleted the scenes from the YouTube video.

Krasavice later apologised and claimed the rabbit scenes were “an unconscious mistake”.