GOING THE DISTANCE: Old Truck’s Broken Odometer Numbers Land Maryland Man His Third Lottery Jackpot

A man in Maryland has said that the numbers on his old truck’s broken odometer have given him his third lottery jackpot, worth USD 25,000.

Douglas Eck of Harford County, in the US state of Maryland, told lottery officials that his old truck has a broken odometer that is stuck on 82,466 miles.

The 60-year-old retiree said that he always plays the same numbers and that after a USD 50,000 win in 1995 and a USD 100,000 win in 2008, he has now won his “bronze medal” of jackpots.

Douglas Eck, 60, poses with check from wining lottery ticked, undated. He said he used the numbers from his truck’s broken odometer. (Maryland Lottery/Newsflash)

The Maryland State Lottery said in a statement: “Lottery Luck has struck twice for some winners, but how about three times? Douglas Eck of Harford County just won USD 25,000 playing Pick 5, which follows a [USD] 100,000 scratch-off win in 2008 and a USD 50,000 top-prize Bonus Match 5 win in 1995.”

And comparing his new win to his previous scores, Eck said: “This is my bronze medal, but I am still happy.”

The state lottery said: “The Joppa resident said he has played Pick 5 since the game started in February. Douglas placed boxed bets until Oct. 14, when he placed a 50-cent straight bet for the first time in the midday and evening drawings. His number 82466 came up in the midday drawing.

Picture shows the Royal Farms gas station in Joppa, Maryland, USA, undated. Douglas Eck, 60, bought the wining lottery ticket here. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

And Eck said: “I have been playing box and I thought I would be better off playing it straight. The payout was worth it.”

The Maryland State lottery explained: “The 60-year-old plays the same number every day, which is based on an odometer. He bought an old truck with a broken odometer that is stuck on 82,466 miles.”

They added that the retiree plans to use the money to pay bills, adding: “He bought the winning ticket at Royal Farms #070 at 500 Joppa Farm Road in Joppa. The Harford County retailer will receive a USD 250 bonus for selling a USD 25,000-winning Pick 5 ticket.”