Girl, 7, Covered In Scars From Evil Grans Punishment

Story By: John Feng, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a 7-year-old girl’s body covered in scars from head to toe after her own grandmother allegedly pinched her with pliers and whipped her using cables for “misbehaving”.

Reports say the shocking abuse happened over the course of several months since the beginning of this year, when her parents left her and her siblings with their nan and began working elsewhere to earn more money.

Authorities were called to the seven-year-old girl’s home in the town of Baoxin, which is in Xi County in China’s central Henan Province, on 27th July.

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Picture Credits: AsiaWire

They arrested the grandmother, surnamed Sun, over the alleged abuse, which was reported by a neighbour who recorded the footage showing the girl’s scar-covered body.

In one video, the schoolgirl is seen wearing a blue, sleeveless cheongsam, revealing a series of old and new scars on each of her four limbs.

But when the neighbour lifts the girl’s dress to see her back, he is shocked to find it covered in scars and scabs too. In the footage, she also appears to be seriously underweight.

Xi County police said in a statement that the grandmother used the girl’s misbehaviour as an excuse to punish her.

She was whipped with electric cables and hosepipes, and her skin was pinched using a pair of pliers, the authorities added.

In another video showing the girl’s scabbed face and fingers, she tells the neighbour that her nan would pinch her lips and eyelids with her fingers.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

The girl, whose family name is Wang, alleges that her grandmother also punished her two siblings.

County authorities said Sun remains in custody while they continue to investigate the abuse case.

The child’s parents reportedly last returned home during Chinese New Year in February – before the alleged abuse began.

However, it is unclear why none of the girl’s teachers had ever noticed her injuries.

The police promised to “strictly punish” the nan if she is found guilty of serial child abuse.

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