Giant Pandas Sit Down To Lunch

This is the adorable moment four giant pandas sit around the table and munch on a ‘hot pot’ of delicacies as zoogoers watch on.

Footage shot at Chongqing Zoo, central China shows the bears sitting at a table as they tuck into their snacks.

The clips – later uploaded to Douyin, China’s version of TikTok – show the bears feasting on fruit from a bamboo woven hot pot .

Inside zookeepers have left them delicious pieces of watermelons, bamboo shoots, and carrots.

The pandas appear to be soaking in the sun, adding to their enjoyment as they relax over their meal.

Zoo keepers say they often serve the pandas at a table because they seem to enjoy it.

Sometimes – the zoo said – the four will eat together, and other times they will sit in groups of two or three.

Many social media users were charmed by the scene on Douyin.

Four giant pandas sit around a table and eat together at a zoo in Chongqing, China, undated. They like to sit and eat apples together. (23921605664/AsiaWire )

One user titled ‘funny dubbing’ commented: “Disposable edible tableware.”

Another user ‘Xin July’ commented: “They eat better than me every day!”

In April, similar footage from the same zoo shows four pandas sitting on the same chairs around a wooden table where their snacks are being served.

The carefree bears can be seen munching on what seems to be cut-up pieces of red apple and bamboo sticks as they relax in the shade.

According to zoo staff, the two pairs of twins born on the same day like to sit and eat apples together.

Numerous netizens were amazed by the interesting scene and admired the pandas’ table manners.