Sexy Radio Star Slams Haters With Naked 2-Fingered Rant

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News


This gorgeous German radio star has slammed her online haters with a naked photo of her showing both fingers to the camera while poking out her tongue.

Beautiful ‘BigFM’ DJ Lola Weippert shared the cheeky snap on Instagram for her 300,000 followers.

In the black and white snap aimed at her online haters, the 24-year-old radio host is seen standing topless with her long hair covering her boobs.

Meanwhile, she playfully sticks out her tongue and raises two fingers to her online critics.


She appeared to threaten one unnamed netizen in her message, which opened with: “I will find you, you wh*re and then that will be the end of it. You will be buried alive.”

She added: “Such news used to make me cry and destroy my self-esteem because I thought I was the problem and that YOU were right. Today, I’m above it because I now know YOU are the problem!”


In a recent video uploaded, the toned blonde appeared to single out one online hater called Mohamed who had apparently called her “overly ugly” in a message.

In a sarcastic voice, Weippert says: “Dear Mohamed, of course I agree with you! Thank you for this great and extremely honest message.”

“I have a tip for you. Take your lower lip and stretch it over your entire head.”


She also had some advice for barb-tongued netizens: “Maybe just think one more time about what you’re commenting on. Not everyone has thick skin and self-confidence can pop quicker than a soap bubble.

“And what can this lead to? Some girls feel uncomfortable and rush to the plastic surgeon at a young age to have their supposed blemishes fixed, their nose straightened, their boobs enlarged, and liposuction or worse.”

She added: “Don’t be told what to do by parasites who want to deprive you of self-love! You are beautiful the way you are! So please do me a favour and be nice to each other!”