Fury As Trapped Putin Kung-Fu Kicks Way Out Of Condom

Story ByGheorghi Caraseni, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

These are the images of a model of Russian President Vladimir Putin trying to kung-fu kick his way out of a condom created under the tag line “some people should never have been born”.

Brazilian marketing studio ‘Platinum Studio’ created the image of Putin, who now joins Donal Trump and Kim Jong-un as part of their Some People Should Never Have Been Born’ project.

Picture Credit: CEN/@platinum_fmd

In the images, a model of Putin can be seen wrapped in a condom which he is seemingly trying to kick his way out of.

Putin is wearing a suit on his upper body but white martial arts trousers on his lower half, with a striped tie wrapped around his waist.

Picture Credit: CEN

The photo of the studio’s new work was posted on their Instagram page with the comment: “The third image of the ‘Some People Should Never Have Been Born’ Project is finally done. Enjoy!”.

Trump was previously depicted in 2017 trying to break out of a condom with his famous hair at the top of the contraceptive. Kim Jong-un was also shown trying to push his way out of a condom.

Picture Credit: CEN

Some netizens were outraged by the depiction of Putin, such as ‘pizdecrusofobam’ who said: “Are you all happy there with your Brazilian president?”

The same netizen added: “Why don’t you depict Adolph Hitler? Or are you fascists as well?”

‘_Andr9ey_Sabur0v_1’ said: “You, animals, have to be hanged, beast!”

And ‘Adam Goldenberd’ wrote: “Just another work to amuse a crowd of dumb digital proletarians”.

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