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Thug Elbows Woman In Face In Bar For Rejecting Him

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@RyunieRei

This is the moment a 25-year-old allegedly dislocates the jaw of a young woman in a bar by elbowing her in the face after she turned down his advances.

The incident was filmed in a bar on Prinsep Street in the island city-state of Singapore on 3rd January and the video was shared on social media by the victim Kylie Yun the following day.

In the footage, several men are seen talking to a group of women in the bar before one of them appears to elbow Yun in the face.

Credit: AsiaWire/@RyunieRei

According to the victim, the men had been bothering them prior to the incident.

Yun wrote: “Yesterday morning, there was this guy that was pestering me and my friend. Trying to hit on us and all. As I was feeling really uncomfortable about the whole situation as well as his presence, I told him politely to leave us alone and go away countless times.

“However he refused to budge and instead elbowed my face out of the blue and dislocated my jaw just because we didn’t want to be pestered, just because we wanted our nice alone time.

She called the incident a “very traumatising experience”

Yun also claimed: “It’s not the first time he laid hands on someone, neither is that his first time he laying hands on a person from the opposite gender….a leopard never changes it’s spots.”

She stated that she is currently in talks with her lawyer about the matter.

Meanwhile, the local police have confirmed that they are aware of the video and that “a 25-year-old man was subsequently arrested in relation to the case”.

The investigation is ongoing.

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