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Friendly Magpie Enters Mans Car And Puts Ciggies In Beak

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This is the funny moment a friendly magpie scampers around a motorist’s car and steals several cigarettes, even returning for more at one stage.

The incident was filmed in the district of Jinzhou in the city of Dalian in the Chinese province of Liaoning on 15th November.

The car owner, name not reported, said he saw the magpie playing in front of his parked car for a while, apparently unafraid of passersby.

Bird ‘steals’ man’s cigarettes in Dalian, China. (802072941/AsiaWire)

The bird flew inside the man’s car and scampered around the dashboard in search of treats, eventually snatching a packet of cigarettes from him and putting several in its beak.

In the footage, the bird is seen standing on the steering wheel with a ciggie in its beak before venturing outside and pulling it apart on the bonnet of another car, possibly mistaking it for food.

The friendly bird returns to the man’s car, looks at him curiously, and then deems it safe to scamper on the dashboard and pull out another cigarette.

Bird ‘steals’ man’s cigarettes in Dalian, China. (802072941/AsiaWire)

In the second video, the bird is seen snatching the cigarette packet from the man for the first time before taking one out.

The man then holds his lighter in front of the camera and jokes “let me light it for you!”

The third clip shows the friendly magpie emptying the cigarette packet onto the dashboard and hopping onto the passenger seat to take a close look at the man’s lighter.

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