French Rapper On Stage With Drake Crashes Porsche Later

Story ByJoseph GolderSub Editor: Alex Cope, AgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/Martinique la 1ere

This footage shows the moment French rapper Kalash is arrested in Paris after allegedly fleeing police in a Porsche and hitting other cars after performing at a Drake concert.

A second video allegedly shows the moment the rapper crashes the Porsche into other vehicles, as well as him and a female companion getting out of the vehicle while saying: “Shut your mouths, we’re getting out.”

According to local media, the footage shows Kalash resisting arrest after evading police in a Porsche in the French capital Paris, when he reportedly hit other vehicles on the Champs Elysees, the capital’s most famous avenue.

Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Martinique la 1ere

Local media report that the French rapper, born in the French overseas territory of Martinique, was subsequently arrested on Avenue de Wagram after performing at a Drake concert at the AccorHotel Arena in Bercy after the Canadian singer invited him to come on stage and perform.

The second video shows the Porsche hitting the back of another car before the rapper, wearing a fur coat, gets out, telling onlookers and motorists to “shut up.” His female companion can be seen sitting in the passenger seat. The exact model of the vehicle is currently unclear.

Video Credit: CEN/Twitter

Kalash, 31, real name Kevin Valleray, has been arrested and detained for insulting police officers and resisting arrest as is reportedly shown in this footage posted online by local media outlet Martinique la Premiere.

It is not his first arrest. In 2014, he was arrested for attacking police officers with another rapper, Admiral T. His criminal record, according to local media, also shows a six-month suspended sentence for the illegal possession of a weapon.

Since his arrest on the night of Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th March, Kalash’s mother, Murielle Mas, has told local media in Martinique: “I am serene, if he f*cked up, he will have to take responsibility for it.

“Why? Because I as his mother taught him to make his bed and sleep in it”.

She also said that she believed her son was perhaps too provocative for France and should be working in the United States, because of “his look.”

Kalash has worked with some of France’s biggest rappers including Booba.

Drake, 31, real name Aubrey Drake Graham, has according to Forbes amassed a fortune of 100 million USD (75.5 million GBP).