Four Month Old Girl In Hospital With Head Injury After Being Beaten Up By Evil Dad

A four-month-old girl has ended up in hospital with a suspected concussion and a head injury after she was allegedly beaten up by her monster father.

The incident took place in the Vasileostrovsky district of Russia’s cultural capital Saint Petersburg.

The alarm was raised when a woman reportedly called the police and told them that the father, who has been named as Alexander Slashchev, 23, beat his daughter.

Alexander Slashchev who allegedly beat his four-month-old daughter in Vasileostrovsky, Russia, was pictured together with his children and their mother. (Newsflash)

Police went to Slashchev’s flat, where they reportedly found evidence of the girl having suffered a beating, as she had a bruised face.

The girl, who has not been named, was taken to the Filatov Children’s Hospital with bruises on her face and with a suspected concussion, as well as a suspected closed-head injury. Doctors reportedly described her condition as moderate.

The father, who reportedly has no priors, was taken to the police station and questioned. He spent some time in a cell before being released.

The infant does not appear to be the only child in the family, as the images suggest that there is an older child as well, although there has been no information regarding its identity.

Alexander Slashchev (pictured) allegedly beat his four-month-old daughter in Vasileostrovsky, Russia. (Newsflash)

There has also been no mention of the children’s mother, other than to say that the couple lives together.

Both parents appear to share photographs of their children on social media along with captions expressing how much they love them.

The police investigation is ongoing, and it is currently unclear if the child protective services are involved.