Former Arsenal Stars Ex-Wife And Kids To Be Evicted From Their Shared St Petersburg Mansion Home

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

The sick ex-wife of former Arsenal star Andrei Arshavin is facing eviction from the mansion home she shares with their daughter and her other two kids.

When the couple decided to separate, she found that the property had been listed in the name of his mother meaning she was not entitled to claim a share of it in alimony, and she also discovered she did not have the right to stay there.

The football star’s mother then set about proceedings to evict Alisa Kazmina, 38, from the mansion near the Russian city of Saint Petersburg on the Baltic Sea.


Placing the property in the name of the ex-footballer’s mum Tatyana Ivanovna also means the legal battle is currently taking place between the two women.

In the first instance, Tatyana Ivanovna won the permission to evict Alisa from the place and unless she can get the decision overturned, she will have to leave with her three kids.

Kazmina and Arshavin have a two-year-old daughter named Yesenia who is at risk of being evicted together with the 38-year-old mum and her two other kids from another marriage.


Kazmina’s lawyer Pavel Voloshin confirmed: “On January 11, 2021, Alisa filed a short appeal and by March 12 she must submit a full appeal.

“After this happens, the court will decide on sending the materials to the court of appeal.” (

The news comes at an especially difficult time for the 38-year-old former model who recently revealed she was suffering from a serious disease.


Pictures shared online showed her damaged face due to a serious autoimmune disease.

If she loses the appeal, Kazmina, along with her children, will be evicted from the residence which was purchased when she and Arshavin were still together.

The former football star reportedly registered his real estate under the name of his mum to avoid losing them during the divorce.


One of Kazmina’s lawyers named Alexander Dobrovinsky claimed the former football star hid his income.

The move to start the eviction process started in December 2020.

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