FLIPPING HECK: Parents Use Metal Detector To Track Coin Swallowed By Son

Worried parents have told how they used a metal detector to track a coin their three-year-old son had swallowed after medics told them too many X-rays could harm him.

The parents – named as Mr and Mrs Wang in local media in the city of Tonghia, Jilin Province, north east China – had rushed the boy to hospital after he gulped down the one yuan coin.

Scans showed the coin had already got into the lad’s stomach and all they could do was wait for it to emerge in a few days.

But after a week with no change, the Wangs borrowed a security-style metal scanner to check the boy’s progress through his digestive system.

Video footage of the checks shows his father running the scanner over his tummy to see how the coin had progressed.

Finally, after 11 days the boy finally passed the coin on 28th November.

Another piece of footage shows Ms Wang sticking her hand inside the toilet bowl to retrieve the silver coin.

The family members said they were very happy, and they could finally let go of their worries.

They later shared the videos on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

User ‘six’ said: “This should be kept as a souvenir.”

Mother uses metal detector to see if the swallowed coin is still inside his child in Tonghua, Jilin, undated. It took 11 days for the boy to release the coin. (bao170/AsiaWire)

And many other netizens suggested the parents should make the coin into a necklace.