Fleeing Firefighter Butted To The Ground By Angry Cow

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This is the moment an angry cow chases after a firefighter and butts him to the ground where he tries to scramble under a fence to get away.


The incident happened when a Richmond Fire Station crew in the Australian city of Sydney were carrying out a fire hydrant inspection at 12.30pm on 29th November.

The fireman was not expecting to be charged by the angry cow, and ran off down the road. However, he was not fast enough and ended up being bashed from behind.

The blow sent him flying and he landed near a fence before trying to scramble underneath it.


This will happen to the amusement of his friends back in the safety of the fire engine, who filmed what was going on.

The fire brigade posted the video on social media with the message: “At Fire and Rescue NSW, we are prepared for anything… except being chased by an angry cow.”

They added: “The stray cow must’ve seen red and decided to chase a firefighter on the roadway, who had to mooove out of the way!


“It’s the fastest we’ve seen this firefighter move in years! Luckily, only his ego was bruised and he’s otherwise okay. He was able to compose himself to complete the hydrant inspection.

“The offender managed to get away.”

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