Father ‘Stabbed And Burned’ Daughters As Revenge For Wife’s Affair, Say Police

A father accused of stabbing his daughters aged four and eight to death on the school run has been seized by police in Brazil.

Photo shows two sisters, aged eight and four, undated. They were allegedly killed by their father in Santo Antonio de Goias, in the Metropolitan Region of Goiania, Brazil on Monday, May 22, 2023. (Newsflash)

Suspect Ramon de Souza Pereira is said to have collected the girls from school and killed them before throwing their bodies in the car and setting it on fire.

Local media in Santo Antonio de Goias reported that he killed the terrified sisters on 22nd May to get his revenge on his estranged wife for having an affair.

Pereira was seized by police cowering in woodlands close to where the burned-out vehicle with his daughters’ charred bodies inside was found.

Police say the girls’ horrified grandmother had earlier held them pleading for their lives as she talked to Pereira on the phone.

Local Chief of Police Humberto Teofilo said: “It was possible to hear them screaming, asking ‘don’t do this’.

“One of them even asked to pee and he didn’t allow it.”

Photo shows Ramon de Souza Pereira, with his family, undated. He allegedly killed his two daughters, aged eight and four, in Santo Antonio de Goias, in the Metropolitan Region of Goiania, Brazil on Monday, May 22, 2023. (Newsflash)

Pereira was led away in handcuffs before he was taken to hospital for urgent surgery for a deep cut on his neck, apparently from a suicide bid.

Chief Teofilo told local media that Pereira carried out the gruesome killings as revenge for his ex’s affair.

On the day of the murder, Pereira assaulted his wife before driving to the girls’ school to pick them up.

Teofilo told local media: “He said that she deserved it. He found out about the betrayal and attacked her.

“Then he took her car and went to get the children and committed the crime.”

It is unclear if Pereira confessed to the brutal killing.

The investigation is ongoing.