Famous Cemetery Opens Black Humour Shop Online

Story By: Aleksandra StefanovaSub-Editor: Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

A museum at a cemetery famous for being the last resting place of Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms has launched a macabre online shop of bad taste memorabilia.

The Funeral Museum at the Vienna Central Cemetery, in the Austrian capital, says the new online shop will cater to public demand from visitors with a dark sense of humour.

It will sell funeral-themed souvenirs including a cigarette case emblazoned with “Smoking secures jobs” and Lego hearses and undertakers.

Other products include coffin-shaped USB sticks, black skull pasta shapes and cemetery honey.

Manager Florian Keusch said: “The utter positive feedback to our memorabilia – which by the way we developed ourselves – pleases me very much.

“We have therefore taken to heart the numerous requests and wishes of customers for a simple and uncomplicated ordering option. Based on the big success we now offer an online shop with the most popular memorabilia.”

Prior to the website, the funeral memorabilia could only have been purchased at the museum or by mail order.

The museum says it sells the products to customers from “half way across the world” including buyers in the US, Russia and even New Zealand.

The cost of the items available on the website – which can be found at shop.bestattungsmuseum.at – ranges from 3 EUR (2.65 GBP) for the funeral honey to 109.90 EUR (96.92 GBP) for a Lego Corpse Tram.

Markus Pinter, CEO of Vienna Funerals and Cemeteries, said the online shop added to the company’s digitalisation and customer strategies, and showed typical Viennese spirit.

Vienna Central Cemetery covers 620 acres with 330,000 internments including those of some of history’s most famous composers. As well as Schubert, Beethoven and Brahms there are the graves of Arnold Schoenberg, Johann Strauss II and Salieri – Mozart’s rival made famous in the film Amadeus.

It is Europe’s second largest cemetery after Hamburg’s Ohlsdorf Cemetery.