Ex Tennis Champ Shows Wounds After 2 Stray Dogs Bit Her

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Golder’s News And Sport

These images show the wounds former tennis champion Nadezda Guskova received after she was reportedly attacked by two stray dogs.

The attack occurred in the town of Ramenskoe in the federal state of Moscow Oblast located in western Russia where Guskova, 28, was walking down a street when two stray dogs attacked her.

One reportedly “clung” to her leg with its mouth while another missed her and tore her coat.


The images show the injuries Guskova sustained in the attack with two bite marks seen on her leg.

Another image shows the wounds covered with a large bandage on the former athlete’s right calf.

Guskova captioned the images explaining the incident saying: “Today I got in quite an unpleasant situation. I was attacked by two stray dogs and had to go to hospital!


“I was simply walking down the street, suddenly two quite big dogs appeared. At first, I didn’t really pay attention as I love dogs and all animals in general.

“Yet they attacked me in an instant. It happened so quickly that I didn’t manage to react. I don’t know where the aggression came from but one of them clung to my leg while another tore my coat.”

Guskova went to a hospital after the attack where she received tetanus and rabies shots. She will have to receive a check-up in three months.


The 28-year-old went on to say: “It’s good that it didn’t happen to a kid. Even me, an adult person, was very scared of the dogs.

“But if it happened to a kid they would have definitely been severely injured.”

Guskova urged to solve the stray dog problem by placing them in shelters, however, she stressed to not “kill homeless animals” but to “help them. Then, cases like this will not be repeated.”

Guskova has won two singles and four doubles titles on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) tour in her career.

Guskova made her Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour debut at the 2010 Tashkent Open and retired from tennis shortly after in 2012.

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