EVERY INCH THE HERO: Little Lad’s Calm Actions Saved Mum’s Life When She Had Severe Allergic Reaction

A nine-year-old lad has been hailed as a hero after he saved his mum’s life when she went into anaphylactic shock.

Sumer Carter and her son Cooper Beavers were heading home by car in Cullman County, Alabama, USA, when Sumer started feeling symptoms of an allergic reaction.

The incident was reported by local media on 1st November.

The quick-thinking lad immediately called 911 and calmly answered all of the operator’s questions, including their location and car model.

Help arrived in five and a half minutes, care was administered to Sumer – who also has parotid cancer – and the two were taken to hospital just minutes later.

Emergency medical technician Amanda Borden told local media that every second counts in an emergency. She said: “It’s the gap between life and death.”

Sumer was convinced she would have passed away had it not been for her son’s quick response. She told local media: “No doubt that he is the reason I’m here now.”

The paramedics who tended to Sumer were so impressed by Cooper’s actions that they invited him on a tour of the emergency medical services station.

Cooper told local media about what was going through his head at the time. He said: “I was definitely scared and worried about my mommy.”

He had his own sage words of advice for the public, telling people who find themselves in similar situations: “Just stay calm when anything scary happens.”