Dumped 41yo Thug Slaughters Pretty 23yo Student GF

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

Police believe this tragic young woman aged just 23 was slaughtered by her jealous older lover when she told him she wanted to ditch him.

The young woman, identified only by her first name Lioba because of local privacy laws, had her throat cut when she was found lying on the ground in a pool of blood by her 21-year-old flatmate.

A police spokesman said: “The injuries were so severe, that she died instantly.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@zwerg.te

The daughter of an opera singer and a professor of French literature, she was a passionate graphic design student and artist who had everything to live for after ditching her lover of four years was almost 20 years older than her.

Her lover who is suspected of killing her, identified only as 41-year-old Pascal F., reportedly died a much more painful death after also using the knife to kill himself but less efficiently.

Police said he had no fixed job and work part-time as a carpenter and a party planner and also sold handicrafts.

Picture Credit: CEN/@zwerg.te

A friend of the couple said: “Lioba was everything to him, when he met her, it was the start of a whole new life for him.”

The relationship started to hit difficulties some months ago, and he already then had difficulties dealing with it, which included a trip into the hospital to try and cope with stress.

Murder cop investigator in the German city of Munster where the killing happened is Dirk Bommert who said: “Apparently Pascal was able to accept the relationship ending. At a meeting in the young artist ground floor flat he then used the knife.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@pascal.francson

The distraught father posted a message online saying: “The light of my life, my 23-year-old bundle of joy – Lioba was cut open by a jealous monster – how could he do something like this?” The messages posted next to a black-and-white photo of her.

Her mother, reportedly a well-known soprano soloist in the local theatre held a memorial service at the scene of the tragedy when relatives and friends sang and cried for the lost girl. Candles have also been lit in front of the property and flowers laid by mourners.

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