Driver Tortures Pooch By Tying It To Moving Car

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: CEN


Video Credit: CEN

A cruel driver has been arrested for torturing a dog by tying it by its neck to the back of his vehicle and driving at high-speed so it cannot keep up.

A disturbing video of the incident was recorded by an onlooker in another vehicle in the Jazan province of Saudi Arabia.

In the video, a white 4WD can be seen making its way down the road and a dog on a rope can be seen tied to the back of the vehicle.

Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/@MEWA_KSA

The dog is lying on the ground allowing itself to be dragged along by the car before it tries to get up and run with the 4WD.

The poor pooch struggles to keep up with the car and eventually falls back down and is dragged further along the road before springing back to its feet.

However, the dog again struggles to keep up with the car and falls back to the ground in a heap.

Local media report the driver, who has not been named but is a Saudi citizen reportedly in his forties, has been arrested and charged with torturing an animal by public prosecutors.

It is unclear if the case will be brought before a court or if the dog survived the ordeal.