Driver ‘Groped And Kissed’ 10-Year-Old Wheelchair Girl’s Breast

A 57-year-old school bus driver has been arrested after he was allegedly caught on CCTV groping and kissing a 10-year-old wheelchair user.

Tomas Andres Cabrera, aged 57, poses in undated photo. He was arrested after he was allegedly caught on surveillance camera groping and kissing a 10-year-old girl while she was in her wheelchair in the city of Naples, Collier County, Florida State, USA. (Collier County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

Tomas Andres Cabrera was charged with lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor by police in the city of Naples, Collier County, southwestern Florida, USA, on 31st March.

His victim – who has Spina Bifida – told staff at her school that Cabrera had kissed and touched her left breast after collecting her to go home on 30th March.

Shocking bus security cam footage – not released by police – is also said to show the driver groping his victim’s thigh.

Collier County Public Schools (CCPS), spokeswoman Jennifer Kupiec said: “Upon learning of the allegations, CCPS immediately removed Mr Cabrera from all routes and terminated his employment with the District.

“The matter is currently under criminal investigation and the District is cooperating with CCSO (Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office).”

His victim – identified in court documents only as ‘J. R.’ – is described in court documents as “a physically disabled person due to suffering from Spina Bifida”.

She is said to be unable to feel anything below her waist.

Detectives examined a copy of surveillance camera footage from inside the bus.

Local media report that Cabrera and a female bus attendant can be seen in the footage securing the victim into her position on the bus.

Cabrera allegedly places his hand on the pupil’s thigh for a few moments. After the female attendant walks away, Cabrera remains with his victim.

The published police affidavit says: “At one point [Cabrera] appeared to lean very close into JR’s chest area and seemingly appeared to kiss her left breast.

“Next, [Cabrera] clearly touched/dragged his hand across JR’s left breast with his right hand then walks away.

“This movement appeared to be intentional and not in any way incidental.”

On his LinkedIn profile, Cabrera says in Spanish that he had “various experiences in many lines and stages through my life. They have been good and bad and all have contributed to setting a better focus towards the next goal.”

He adds: “I have reached several objectives. However, I still have important tasks to complete.”

According to his profile, he started working as a school bus driver in Collier County in January 2013.

Cabrera is due in court to face the charges on 24th April.