Dog Attack On Woman Results In Two Operations And Over 100 Stiches

This is the shocking moment captured on CCTV that shows a woman being attacked at night after going down anyway by a pit bull, leaving her hospitalised with horrific injuries where she at the moment does not have full mobility.

Photo shows Mehsa Abedi, undated. Mehsa Abedi, an Iranian hairdresser, was seriously injured following the incident. (Newsflash)

Mahsa Abedi, a 38-year-old Iranian hairdresser from the capital city, Tehran, was left with more than one-hundred stitches on her body after the neighbour’s pit bull attacked her while she was walking her dog.

The footage portrays the woman holding her dog near an alley before she sees the pit bull rushing towards her.

Mahsa begins to flee from her attacker, but the dog quickly latches on to her leg, pushing her to the ground shortly after.

The pit bull then begins to attack her, biting and dragging her around on the ground.

Mahsa’s dog begins to bravely defend her, getting the attention of her attacker, allowing her to get up from the ground and dashing a few kicks at the pit bull herself.

Neighbours from the scene then rush in to help the duo shortly after.

Local media reports that Mahsa was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment shortly after the incident.

She was hospitalised for 5 days and underwent 2 surgeries as a result of the attack.

She said: “That dog was in the alley with the woman who is the dog owner’s wife, and a middle-aged man was also with them. The alley was dark and I didn’t notice if the dog had a collar or not.”

Photo shows Mehsa Abedi, undated. Mehsa Abedi, an Iranian hairdresser, was seriously injured following the incident. (Newsflash)

“Suddenly, I heard the lady’s voice saying, “Get away from the alley!”

Mahsa also stated that she knew that the pit bull had a history of violence, but the dog owners nonetheless neglected to help her or prevent the incident.

“As far as I saw, he [the owner] didn’t even come forward and didn’t try to restrain the dog, maybe he was scared, but as far as I know, this dog has a history of attacking 2 other people.”

“That day he was in the street without a collar and muzzle, which I am very surprised about.”

She also added that the neighbours slammed her for going down the alley, instead of offering support.

“At the time of the incident, I could only hear their protest. They said: “Why did you walk in the alley?”

“After that, they did not visit me [In the hospital], even though the responsibility of every pet is on its owner.”

The resulting dog attack left Mehsa with more than 90 stitches to her head and 20 to her hands and feet, resulting in limited mobility that needs a stay in hospital.