Discarded Mattress Saves Biker In 50ft Ravine Plunge

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A teenage biker who crashed off a bridge into a ravine 50 feet below has incredibly survived the accident after landing on a discarded mattress.

The motorcyclist surnamed Cheng, aged 19, was found alive and conscious while lying injured on the rocks on the banks of Yunshui River in the township of Jhongpu in Taiwan’s south-western Chiayi County.

According to a statement the biker gave to local police, Cheng slammed into the bridge crash barrier while coming around a sharp bend and flew over the parapet on the afternoon of 27th March.

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Cheng was wearing a motorcycle helmet and said he luckily landed squarely on the discarded foldable mattress, which significantly broke his 15-metre (50-foot) fall onto the rocky surface below.

Jhongpu Precint police and members of the Chiayi County Fire Department put Cheng on a stretcher and hoisted him back onto the bridge surface using a pulley, rescue footage provided to Asia Wire shows.

The police said Cheng suffered abrasions to his left leg and appeared to have a minor concussion from the fall.

He was taken to St Martin De Porres Hospital and is in stable condition.

Local authorities are still investigating the crash and have yet to determine whether Cheng was travelling over the speed limit at the time of the accident.

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