Degenerate Frog Refuses To Be Distracted While Watching Gay YouTube Video

An animal lover has notched up more than a million views with her pet she calls the degenerate frog seemingly fascinated by a controversial YouTube video in which a gay man tries out sex toys with his partner.

The 20-year-old frog owner, named Juli, who lives in Nevada in the US said she noticed that the frog was fascinated by the YouTube video because no matter how she tried to turn him away as he sat in a bowl of water, he continued to move himself to a new position so that he had a clear view each time.

Eventually getting fed up with being moved and not able to get a clear view, the tree frog then lept out of the bowl and landed on the screen with a wet splash.


The video the frog was watching was by controversial gay YouTuber Davey Wavey who in this particular video was comparing sex toys with the real thing.

Juli, who describes herself as LGBT and Asian-American, told Newsflash: “She is a White’s Tree Frog, also known as a dumpy frog, and she eats crickets, hornworms, and waxworms.

“She loves to stare at my lava lamp, and she loves to eat.


“She was given to me in a bucket by a family friend ostensibly as a surprise, but I reckon he discovered she was too much hard work to care for so he gave her to me.”

The animal lover also shared images of the frog biting off more than it can true by nibbling on her fingers, and added: “She loves to bite anything that makes sudden movements.”

She currently has one of the frog as well as three rats, two tarantulas, and 30 snails.


Her family does not understand her hobby, but they support it.

She said: “I also have another frog and he lives with her in the same tank and can be difficult to care for due to them being sensitive to their environment, they absorb everything through their skin.

“He is camera shy so most of my TikTok videos are about her instead of him. Her name is Unko-Chan, which translates to poo in Japanese.”


“I do my TikTok videos for free, I make no money from the videos.”

She added: “I do art and make stuff for my small business in my free time. I live with my partner and we take care of each other and our pets.”

“I also love to draw my frog in my free time. I have been doing digital art lately. I also like to paint. I like to make chaotic art, and sometimes weird, colourful and quirky art.”


Juli runs her small business selling pet-themed products on Etsy, an e-commerce website for handmade or vintage items.

Her stickers, keyrings and other items can be found at