Deadly Exorcist Sect Beat Vics With Bibles, Burned Them

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News 

Video Credit: CEN/@MinSegPma

Fifteen people have been rescued from an ‘exorcism sect’ where they were reportedly beaten with bibles, choked and had burning sticks rammed in their mouths – and cops also discovered a mass grave in the raid.

The incident took place at the community of El Terron located in the village of Santa Catalina in the western Panamanian region of Ngabe-Bugle when 15 people were rescued from the ‘La Nueva Luz de Dios’ (‘The New Light of God)’ sect, according to the Panamanian Ministry of Public Security.

Picture CEN/@MinSegPma

According to local media, the victims were indigenous people who had been abducted and kept captive by the sect’s priests who also carried out exorcism rituals that included physical abuse.

The footage shows the moment the victims were taken a hospital to receive medical attention.

Local media said there were minors among the group, although it is unknown how many, or their ages.

The Panamanian Ministry of Public Security has confirmed that 10 members of the sect have been arrested although their identity is currently unknown.

It is also unclear which indigenous group the victims belong to.

Picture Credit: CEN

National Police director Alexis Munoz also confirmed the macabre discovery of a mass grave in the same location where the victims were rescued that contained at least seven bodies.

Munoz told local media: “When we arrived we were told there was a mass grave in the area, the National Police has since confirmed its existence.”

Reports identified the deceased as Bellin Flores, 33, Jose Hilario Gonzalez Rios, 17, Ladys Gonzalez Rios, 9, Daysi Mariela Gonzalez, 10, Daniel Gonzalez, 3, Efrain Gonzalez Flores, 1, and Ines Urriola Blanco, 9.

Lawyer Rafael Baloyes told local media: “It is a complex case. The group abused people and committed criminal acts against the local community.

“We are going to quiz the injured people to find out if there are other victims and what criminal acts have been committed. There could be even more victims.”

According to reports, the victims had been tortured during exorcism rituals that included beating them with Bibles. Choking them and placing burning sticks in their mouths to ‘cast out the demons’.

The rituals also included animal sacrifices and a lamb was found dead without its tongue in the same location, according to local media.

The police have so far arrested 10 people as the investigation continues.

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