Dairy Worker Acquitted Over ‘Milk Bath’ Video Sues 70 Netizens Who Insulted Him

The Turkish dairy worker who caused disgust after a clip of him taking a bath in a vat of milk was shared online is suing 70 people for defamation after he was acquitted of wrongdoing.

The footage of Emre Sayar taking a bath in what looks like a vat of milk at the dairy factory in Meram, Konya Province, was first posted online on 26th October 2020 and was widely shared.

On 5th November, Sayar and his work pal Ugur Turgut, who filmed the revolting prank, were arrested. The pair were remanded in custody the next day and were only released on bail on 11th November.

After the video reached the authorities, a team from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry inspected the dairy factory at the industrial estate in Meram and destroyed all its products.

The authorities revoked the company’s operating permit and suspended its activities, as well as slapping it with a fine for breaching hygiene requirements.

Meanwhile, prosecutors charged the two employees in question with the crime of “endangering people’s lives and health by poisoning drinking water or any kind of food or substance to be consumed or used”.

They faced two to 15 years behind bars if found guilty.

Photo shows Emre Sayar, undated. He received backlash after a video of him bathing in milk at a dairy production company ended up online. (Newsflash)

Sayar had said in his statement to the authorities: “It wasn’t milk, it was a disinfectant tank. I entered the tank in my underwear.”

The Konya 5th Heavy Criminal Court agreed with him in a hearing on 21st October 2021, adding that the disinfectant tank had been filled with hot water and milk residue at the time.

The court determined that the liquid had been destroyed after the video and that there was no way that anyone’s health could have been negatively affected by the stunt.

Both defendants were acquitted.

Local media are now reporting that Sayar, via his lawyer Mehmet Tunc, has filed lawsuits against 70 individuals who made allegedly defamatory posts about him on social media after the footage was shared.

And he may have even more people in his sights.

Photo shows Emre Sayar, undated. He received backlash after a video of him bathing in milk at a dairy production company ended up online. (Newsflash)

The dairy worker stated: “My innocence has been proven in court. They unjustly insulted me on social media. They tried to tarnish my family values.

“Therefore, together with my lawyer, we have decided to file lawsuits against those who insulted me.

“So far, we have filed defamation lawsuits against 70 individuals. I do not forgive anyone for what they have done to me.

“I hope justice will prevail, and hopefully, people will refrain from making comments on any matter based solely on hearsay without investigating the true facts.”