Dad Admits To Shooting Son Dead With Shotgun On Live TV

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This is the moment a Dad admits to shooting his son dead with a shotgun on live TV during a show where his wife and daughter beg for help in finding the missing man.

Arif Karakollu was invited onto the show to discuss the moments before his son went missing.

However, events took an unlikely turn when he asked the show’s host, Muge Anli for his wife and daughter to leave the TV studio so that he could talk to the presenter alone.

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When they left, Arif confessed to killing his son because he had “psychological problems”.

He said that his son came home late and started beating him so he grabbed his shotgun from under the bed and fired once into Engin’s chest.

Arif claimed that his son died instantly and that he then buried him on the family farm.

He said on live TV: “I regret doing it, but I had to protect myself. I was trying to save my life. My son had psychological problems. I wish you could see the torture I was suffering.

“I didn’t want to end it like this. I have a guilty conscience. I came here to confess to the murder.”

The incident took place on Turkish TV show ‘Muge Anli ile Tatli Sert’, which is presented by Muge Anli and which focuses on missing people and trying to help relatives find their loved ones.

In the video footage, Arif says: “When he returned I locked the door and shot him in the chest. “

Anli asks: “You shot him in the chest? Did he die?”

Arif replies: “Yes, he died immediately.”

Saziment Karakollu and daughter Emine A. appeared on the Channel ATV show hoping to find 34-year-old Engin Karakollu who had disappeared 15 months earlier in the central Turkish province of Nevsehir.

Engin was last known to have been with his father prior to his disappearance.

The victim’s mother admitted that she had left the family home because of her son’s troubled behaviour, but said: “The answer should not have been death. God takes the life which he gives.”

After the confession, the police came to the TV studio and arrested the father.

According to local media, local authorities went to the spot where Arif said he buried the body and found the 34-year-old victim’s remains.

Meanwhile, reports said that the father has been found guilty of murder by a Turkish court and is currently awaiting sentencing.

Sibel Abdiu

I have worked as a correspondent covering news from Turkey and Albania for several years now.