Cyclist KOs Bike Thief And Takes Selfies With Him

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

These images show a cyclist taking selfies with an unconscious man on the ground in the background after he “beat him up” for allegedly trying to steal his bike.

The incident took place in the central Mexican state of Puebla and the photos were shared on Twitter by netizen ‘Rodadas Puebla’, who is reportedly the cyclist seen in the photos.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@RodadasPuebla

The images show a suspect thief unconscious on the ground after the cyclist reportedly caught him trying to steal his bike and subsequently knocked him out.

He said on Twitter: “Guess which cyclist just wanted to steal my bike? That’s how the b*stard thief was after I beat him up.”

Pictures Credit: CEN/@RodadasPuebla

‘Rodadas Puebla’ said that he saw “two hands taking the handlebars” of his bike when he stopped to deliver a package at the post office.

He added: “When he saw me, he left my bike and was caught in two minds whether to run or not. I used the package, a large box inside a reusable green bag, to hit him hard in the face and head from above.

“The attack was completely unexpected and while he tried to protect himself, I punched his shoulders and he was forced to bend down to protect his face.”

The biker added: “I have always been morbidly curious about what it would be like to kick someone with cycling boots on, so I kicked him.”

According to local media, the alleged thief was taken to the police station for questioning. It is unclear whether he will face charges.

It is also unclear whether the cyclist will be investigated for reportedly beating the man.

Some netizens slammed the cyclist for using violence and apparently bragging about it afterwards on social media while others praised him as a “hero”.

Twitter user ‘Hectorm02373360’ said: “That guy is homeless and probably a drug addict who was certainly unarmed and did not even get his hands on your bike. A fantastic achievement!”

‘Istop777may’ said: “Well done. Now he will learn to never steal again and instead work for a living like normal people.”

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