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Cruel Woman Throws Helpless Cat Off Balcony By Tail

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Video Credit:CEN

This is the moment a cruel woman picks up a white cat by is tail and throws it off a restaurant terrace towards a road.

The incident took place at the Tripleta Nocturna restaurant, located in the avenue Santa Juanita of the city of Bayamon in north-eastern Puerto Rico and according to reports, the 54-year-old woman has been arrested.

In the video, the woman, named in reports as Mayra Perez Gonzalez, can be seen grabbing the tail of a white cat sitting on a stool on the terrace of the restaurant.

Picture Credit:CEN

The woman lifts the cat from the stool by its tail before launching it over the wall of the terrace – seemingly towards a road.

Angel Ayala, the manager of the establishment, reported the case to the police and said that it was around 8 pm on Tuesday when the woman grabbed the cat and threw it.

Dorian Perez, the officer investigating the alleged case of animal cruelty, said that cat was in a healthy condition but had been taken to a veterinary clinic in order to be part of the investigation. It will be cared for by the clinic.

Local media reported that after her arrest, the woman’s bail was set at 75,000 USD (59,983 GBP) for the crime of animal abuse.

As she was reportedly not able to pay the bail, she will be sent to prison until the trial which will reportedly be held on 21st October.

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